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There Is No Right Way to Meditate eBook By Yumi Sakugawa


A 36-page e-book of color and black & white illustrated guides to meditation, mindfulness, intentions, and peace by artist Yumi Sakugawa ( The following illustrated guides are included:

"Sometimes It's Okay If The Only Thing You Did Today Was Breathe"
"Seven Simple Ways To Practice Peace"
"10 Ways To Get Rid Of Your Bad Mood"
"How To Make Your Intentions Come True"
"Three Illustrated Quotes From Deepak Chopra"
"How To Reduce Your Pain Body"
"A Meditation For Drinking Tea"
"There Is No Right Way To Meditate"

(Physical version of e-book can be purchased in the form of a half-letter-sized booklet with a card stock cover at artist's online store here)